4 months

Naomi is 4 months old today!

My mum, granny and sister in law all said that I need to let Naomi has a taste of meat at 4 months of age. Some old people saying that this way baby I am yet to find out. None of them know why. So I will update here if I found out later, or if anyone knows, tell me k?

So I did, no harm though. Not that I let her eat the meat, just let her hold the chicken drumstick and taste it, it's a plain steam chicken with no any additional flavour added to it. And she LOVES it so much that when my mum took away the chicken, she actually wasn't very happy with that.

Anyway, I certainly do not hope that she will turn out to be a carnivore like her mum, an omnivore will be perfect. :P I guess I will have teach her to take cucumber and carrot as snack, not "mamee" or "twisties" like her father and mother do. OOhhh, it will be hard, won't it?

So far, I have only seen one kid, who is Trinity my darling niece, would yell "Yummy!!!!" to the cucumbers and "Kai Lan" vegetable.


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The New Parent said...

Very cute. When my 3 year old daughter was 10 months and started getting her teeth in, that's when we began introducing solid food.
The carnivore thing we have never emphasized much. She does love chicken, but meat was introduced only as one of many foods. Never went out of the way to make it something special.

Anonymous said...

yummy yummy......the pic makes me feel like eating drumstick r u woman...miss u...:)

Vivianz said...

this anonymous, am good but at least you have to leave your name-leh. :P Or else I can't say I miss you too. After hubby kill me.

Recco (previous anonymous) said...

Opps sorry...This is Recco speaking...:P :)

beckysmum said...

Arr... So young can eat drumstick??

Vivianz said...

Beckysmum, taste taste only ler... of course cannot eat or swallow... :P

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