Not good...

My dearest hubby has been reminding me to update my blog... argh... writing is really not my style... I can talk and talk and talk (ya-lar, I was a trainer-mah, what I needed to do was keep talking , so that people wouldn't notice me being so nervous out there.) So, I am actually good at talking. But-hor, I am actually a very shy person. I normally won't talk so much to stranger and I never make first move to get to know a friend. I am always scared of being rejected. So, my hubby always said I made my first move to court him but how could that be, right? I am a shy person...

So, back to not good at writing, see, I've written so much and still I don't have a point to write about. Guess this is just about me being not good at writing. Another boring post.

Nevermind, you still read till this far.

Thank you very much for reading.

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The New Parent said...

(laugh)...funny post. It took me awhile to get into the posting routine. Even when I know what I want to say, it takes me time to figure out how to say it, and what picture to create with it.
Keep up the posting!

Rachealliang said...

dear viv:

u are doing amazingly well ..keep up the good work ~ BLog!!!!

i read your blog everyday.. until u wrote this.. so

again. i active again. to leave u a comment..hehehehe

your blog is not boring!!! it's alive!!!

mott said...

NVM..just keep on writing, boring or not....

when u look/read'd be amazed at how much lil Naomi has grown!!!

Vivianz said...

*sob* *sob*

thanks all for the words of encouragement.

And Mott, your blog is really fun to read. It never fail to make me laugh.

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