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Hubby, papa Sze, is a person who hate shopping more than anything else in the world. Everytime he accompany me to mall, he will ask me what I need before we leave home, and when we reach the mall, I can only look for the things i mentioned, not other things, or his face will turn charcoal colour. So I normally do shopping alone.

Papa Sze is now in Bangkok, yeah, shopping heaven! I thought he'd be hiding in his hotel room all the time as usual. This time round, he actually went out to Chatuchak Market, twice, yes, you hear me right, 2 times, to buy dresses for his baby girl, Naomi. And he actually told me "Honey, I never know shopping for daughter is so much fun!" And when I asked if there's anything for me, the answer was " Isn't Naomi our priority now?" D*mn, I hate it when he's right. And he actually bought 10 dresses for Naomi.

Too bad I can't be with him there for his Bangkok project, Naomi is only 3 months plus, too small to walk around in the biggest market with a prem or sling. It's just too hot for the weather.

Com'on Naomi baby, fast fast grow up and go shopping with mummy! You will love it!

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Rachealliang said...

Dear VIv:

your blog is impressive!

keep up the good work!!

(hope this is a paid blog.. so that you can earn lots while we read on your blog = viv untung.

p/s: now only your husband know shopping is fun!(buy baby stuff is real fun!hehehehehe)

Vivianz said...


Nope, i didn't apply for the PPP things. Actually I don't know how also.

But my DH is certainly enjoying shopping for his baby girl.

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