Naomi's first time in church...

I have a daughter who doesn't like to take nap. Everyday, I mean, EVERYDAY, I have to do all sort of things, singing, rocking, breastfeed lying down, trying to get her to take her naps... What works today may not works tomorrow, one of the feature of high need baby. She could stay awake for 3 whole hours and get very very cranky after she got too tired. And of course, my mood will not be too nice also.

Yesterday was the first day I brought Naomi to church. As usual, she refused to sleep no matter how papa Sze and me did. Well, it was actually ok if she didn't want to sleep. We are happy enough to cuddle her in our arms but NO, she was so so so so noisy, and was the only baby who made so much noise in the baby room (there were about another 5 babies). She just cried and screamed. We had no choice but to leave 10 minutes earlier before the service ended. Then she refused to stay put in the car seat, screamed like no tomorrow. I picked her up and let her sat on my lap, 2 minutes later, she dozed off straight. Then only I put her down into the car seat. This is one thing I will not want to give in; she has to sit inside the car seat all the time while the vehicle is moving. Well, we got a peaceful lunch though. Thank God for that.

So, will I still bring her to church? Definitely YES. :)


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allthingspurple said...

hey there, dearie, you have been tagged !

becky's mum said...

Anne also same as Naomi when she was few months old. Longest nap will be 1 hour nia... I think all breastfeed baby same! But now better already, she can sleep for 2-3 hours during afternoon nap time. Good huh!

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