Naomi's new toys!

Today, papa Sze was in his extremely good mood, I guess, because he went shopping with me! To my shock he actually didn't show his usual charcoal face! God, did you hear my prayer?

So, happily my hubby was carrying Naomi in the new BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Air that we got from US which is saying to have better air circulation. I think it does, Naomi could sleep well in this carrier while we do the shopping without making any noise. We got Naomi some new toys to rotate so she won't be so bored looking at those same old toys everyday. We got her some developmental toys and another play mat from Tiny Love - ActiviTot™ developmental gym which she seems to like it more compare to the fisher price aquarium activity play mat. She enjoyed putting those toys into her mouth and for fisher price's mat, the toys are hanging up there which she can grab hold of but not long enough to put into her mouth. Then she would get frustrated and start screaming. I guess that's the reason she could stay on the new mat longer than the old one. We got her Aquarium take-along swing too but I think she still doesn't really appreciate the swinging motion yet.

I really enjoyed my shopping today though I didn't get anything for myself. At least, I really enjoyed when hubby waiting for me there buying toys for our little precious without complaining me being a shopaholic, um... a little bit, but good enough, he wasn't angry, or giving me "the look". He was smiling all the time with his little princess sleeping sweet and sound inside the carrier on his chest....

She loves it!

Aquarium Take-along swing, um, she prefers it no-swing.

2 Muaks:

allthingspurple said...

isntit strange how most babies prefers "no swing" mode and "no vibration" mode? Mine does too

Anonymous said...

she cute gal! even mommy too. haha..

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