Five Wishes I have for me and family

I got this meme from 5xmom and NicoleSSS. Thanks to them, I got no one else to tag but still, I've twisted the 5 wishes for Lilian's kids to 5 wishes for me and family.

Let’s have a parent’s meme then.

My five wishes :
1) Papa Sze's work will be smooth and less stressful (as so he won't be in bad mood all the time.)
2) Papa Sze's work to be closer in Asia so that we get to spend more time together as a FAMILY
3) Naomi to grow up healthy and cheerful
4) Naomi will sleep through the night (lesser feeds at night, say 4 to 5 hour each feed? too much? No?)
5) The digit on the weighing scale will be lesser each time I stand on it.

Now, I want to tag five parents (yeah I wish) and hope they pass on this feel good mommy/daddy’s wish for their children. But since I have not many on the list to tag, I will go for whoever I have...

Oooh I found one, allthingspurple , since you mentioned in your blog that you love meme. :)

3 Muaks:

allthingspurple said...

hey, vivian, thanks for the tag. we have number 5 in common !!! my weight is frozen on the scale ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi! Vivian.

Vivianz said...

allthingspurple, how true eh... At least you have 2 princesses and I only have one the scale already frozen there.

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